Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Reel Servicing, Baitrunners, Big Pits, Sea Multipliers, Match from £15

Yes, I also service reels too !

Treat your reels this winter! Offers on for multi-reel services.
Big pit carp reels, Baitrunners, Match reels etc, Boat & Sea Multipliers £15 each

2 cleaned & serviced for £25.00
3 cleaned & serviced for £35.00

Your reel(s) will be stripped, cleaned, re-assembled, bearings oiled & gears greased.
Prices above apply to working reels that do not need parts, for anything else please
email your question or problem if you need a reel repairing.

A good clean & service will often give a noisy grinding reel a new lease of life. Reels
that have been stored for months without a clean will often be stiff and noisy with
little or no lubrication inside, reels are often 'good as new' after a decent service.

Reels normally turned around within a week or sooner, please mail any questions to
me first (cuts time wasters out!) and I will provide my mobile number & further details.

I may also drop them off to you if you are reasonably local, (I am stretford based)
or further afield for a little extra. Over 20 years experience servicing reels & in the trade.

email or call to arrange an appointment.

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