Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Handle conversion from sliding fittings to winch

Handle conversions are pretty popular for older rods with the sliding reel fittings they used to use on them years ago. 

Of course now, virtually all rods that come into the UK  have a decent winch fitting already on them which stops the reel from beconing loose during use. This seems even more relevant now with the popularity of commercial carp 'puddles', packed with hard hard fighting F1's and barbel. The last thing you need on a match is the reel to suddenly drop to the floor in the middle of a fight ! 

This job is quite simple and normally costs around £20 to £30 at the most, depending on the time involved. First step is to remove the butt ring (s) so the fitting can be slid down the right way, no point in taking all the cork/duplon off from the rear end of the rod if it doesn't need it. Here the ring has been removed, fitting masked out and slid into place and the ring is ready for finishing off. 




With this type of Fuji fitting, there is no need for a separate duplon grip above the winch as it is built in top the section that screws down to hold the reel in place. There is also a 'keeper ring' on this handle and it just worked out nicely that where the fitting was required to be left just enough room for the keeper ring to still be exposed when the reel is on the rod. 

Here you can see the old sliding reel fittings that came off the rod, which is an old Silstar spinning rod, good few years old (at least 10)  but still going strong and now good for the next 10!

The butt ring simply gets whipped back into place and finished in epoxy resin and the rods good for anything that comes along.  

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